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County Line Farm 61 is part of a third-generation sustainable River Hills farm which was founded in 1914 by Grandpa John Bruckerhoff, who settled in this area from Herman, Missouri.  He was a graduate of the Institute of Agriculture and Industry at Columbia, Missouri, and operated an orchard, vegetable, beef, and pork farm on the bluffs of the Mississippi River.


Serving the river boats until they suspended landing at Saint Mary about 1930, John Bruckerhoff sold and delivered to chefs on the executive dining cars at the Frisco Railroad from 1917 to 1947. He delivered aged beef in the winter, eggs, and  seasonal fruits and vegetables.  He also grew tobacco and sold handmade cigars, chewing twist, and smoking tobacco.

Continue history with following generations?

As a culturally-sustainable farm, we compost, rotate crops, inter seeding, cover crops, following soil plus using any amendments to soil to produce quality fruit and vegetables.  Our chemical use is limited to products that are all “natural “ or approved by USDA for use in “organic production. “

Our livestock are humanely treated. All are raised on the farm, free range pasture, hay, grain. Many of the cows are descendants from the original herd that Grandpa Bruckerhoff had. They have been crossbred to improve, but the mothers carry genetics from the original herd. 

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